Inkability LogoRuss Laratta’s slogan: The Power To Print Anything! suggested a caped superhero taking flight to rescue someone. So I cast the ink cans in that role when I designed his logo.

 Darkwing Manor

Darkwing LH CMYK Art

I designed this logo for a local haunted mansion that operates 3 nights out of every year right around Halloween to raise money for the Children’s Advocacy Fund.

Southern Oregon Business Conference

SOBIZCONFLOGO06The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County gave me the assignment of designing the logo for The Southern Oregon Business Conference. It provides Medford and Jackson County an opportunity to stay educated about the issues impacting local business, as well as to help business prosper through networking.

The Crystal Fresh Bottled Water Logo


Because of printing cost limitations, I built this logo in Illustrator, being careful to only use two PANTONE colors instead of all four CMYK colors.

Deer Creek Vineyards Logo


This logo ended up looking very classy on the letterhead and business card because the hand drawn black script type and the black rule were printed in a metallic silver foil on a light gray paper. stock

Touvelle House Bed & Breakfast Logo


This was the logo I designed for Touvelle House Bed & Breakfast in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Granada Pitching Machines Logo


Granada Pitching Machines wanted me to design a logo for their very unusual product. Visually, the machine wasn’t that exciting, but after thinking a little about it, I was able to add in a picture of what the machine actually does–a baseball player pitching a ball. At the time the idea took some struggle to come up with, but now it seems obvious.

Rendezvous On The Rogue Logo


This logo was designed for The Leaders’ Forum, a state 4-H event hosted here in Jackson County, Oregon. It was used on letterheads, T-shirts and other promotional materials.

INSIGHT Technical Education Logo


This logo was developed from a drawing originally made by the owner for his book Practical Drafting. It spoke so well for his series of educational books for homeschoolers, having to do with learning technical drawing, that he kept it for the company logo, and later, asked me to update into what you now see.

Pin Point Marketing Solutions Logo


I designed this logo for the marketing  department of The Mail Tribune. Many people aren’t aware that besides publishing a newspaper the Mail Tribune can also handle web, direct mail and other print marketing assignments.

Silverback Series Logo for Highway Products


Highway Products came up with a special line of truck boxes. The silver color of the metal suggested the term “Silverback,” which, in turn, suggested the patriarchal male gorilla. So I was asked to render a graphic silverback gorilla in the logo.

Bright Ideas Marketing Logo

Here is a logo I did for a Medford marketing company


Ledgers Accounting Logo


This is a logo design I did for a friend of mine who started her own accounting business in Phoenix, Arizona.


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