Salt Water Aquariums

From 2002 until 2006 I was lead designer for Homelife magazine’s Interior articles. Mostly they were 2 page spreads, sometimes 3 page spreads and sometimes 1 page. Below are a few samples of articles I designed…


(Click on the images to get images you can zoom in on to see more detail.)

Afternoon Tea

This article was an interesting exercise in creativity. We couldn’t find a nice cup of tea stock photo, so one of my co-workers brought in a cup and saucer and another co-worker held the dangling tea container over the empty tea cup and we snapped a photo with a digital camera. Later, in PhotoShop I added the tea.


Hiring A Cleaning Person

An unusual cropping of the stock photo of a cleaning woman made this one-page article more interesting.


Color Washing


Spiral Staircases

A perfect excuse to use type on a curve!



In this layout it worked out just perfect to make the body text conform to a shape that suggested rays of light pouring down from the word “skylights” in the headline.


An Earth Advantage Home



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