Click on the links below to see my illustration projects:
NowYouKnowCoverSmall copyAE2005FinalScarfMontage Closeup
      Our Valley Covers                                 A&E Covers                                 Magazine Illustration
 PrintDrawing in Garden Home Pagegenealogymasthead closeup
        Technical Illustration                                     Drawings                                Misc. Photo Illustration
Oregon Outdoor Icons                      Art Experiments

In the pages under this heading take a tour through the variety of illustrations I have done: Photo, Realistic Hand Drawn, Technical & Product, Sketches and Abstract Iconic.

I use pencils, technical pens, brushes, and computer software for my drawing tools. I use traditional techniques as well as PhotoShop and vector art techniques. Many times I’ll start an illustration with pen, pencil and paint on paper and then finish the picture in PhotoShop. I think this method keeps my art from looking too polished and perfect. It still possesses a sketchy, imperfect quality that appeals to the artistic sense. Even though I can create a smooth, beautiful gradient in Photoshop I still enjoy impressionistic techniques using traditional acrylic paints.


Our Valley Covers

A&E Photo Illustration

Miscellaneous Photo Illustration

Magazine Illustration

Medford Viaduct Project

Oregon Outdoors Icons

Technical & Product Illustration


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