ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Photo Illustration

Special Summer Publication Combining
Tempo and Revels

Using PhotoShop techniques, I took some stockphotos and some rather uninteresting black and white clip art of theater masks and created the cover design for the glossy covered magazine insert describing the summer’s entertainment lineup for the Rogue Valley.

A&E Summer Tempo

In 2004 the Product Innovation department thought it would be better simply to change the color scheme of the 2003 issue of Arts & Entertainment. So I changed it from blue to brown and that was different enough to make it “new.”


When in it came to 2005, everyone Product Innovation felt it was time for a totally new cover design. I had to approach the design concept from a completely different angle this time.


For this cover I brought together 4 different images in PhotoShop and then imported the special A&E type from Illustrator and shaded it in PhotoShop to make it look like sparkling glass. I also imported the circular type from Illustrator.


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