The Maltese Manuscript

The Old-Time Movie Poster

The story of Ragda was so popular, that Bill Varble continued the concept of starting a story and letting the public send in their versions of the second half of the story. This time the theme of the story was a spoof of The Maltese Falcon, a famous Humphrey Bogart movie. I based this artwork on the original movie poster from The Maltese Falcon…


(Click on images to get images that you can zoom in on for more detail.)

Princess Isabella

At first I drew a princess that was sweet and innocent looking, but Bill Varble had more of a streetwise, evil princess in mind, so as you can see in the movie poster Princess Isabella looks meaner than my original drawing below…


The Gnome

One of the characters in this story is a gnome. I don’t know if it was an accident, coincidence or Freudian Slip, but someone in the news room said that my gnome really resembles Bill Varble…


Below is the front page of the Life section for the conclusions of the story sent in by interested readers of part one. I drew the lettering for “The Maltese Manuscript” and the other two cartoon illustrations for the story.


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