Drawing in the Garden — Homelife Magazine

This assignment gave me a chance to loosen up and do some sketchy drawings for a change. (Click on an image to see it larger.)



How to Tie a Scarf the French Way

I illustrated this subject for a short article in Joy Magazine. I did the line drawing on paper, did the color with acrylic paint using a plastic strip cut from a credit card as you would use a palette knife, and then scanned both images and combined them in PhotoShop.



Monster Garages — Homelife Magazine

The editor thought this subject and headline called for a whimsical cartoon of a monster. I love to do cartoons, so I really had fun with this project. I drew the cartoon and designed the layout.



Illustrations for an article on battered wives — W3 Magazine

I created this first illustration by finding two faces in clip art and combining them with a drawing I did of a hand in the same style. After combining them in PhotoShop, I airbrushed a black eye onto one of the faces.

Girl&Mask final

Ultimately, however the illustration below was the one chosen to illustrate the article. I used the same technique of combining two pieces of clip art and altering them slightly to illustrate the subject. The color and drop shadow was added in PhotoShop.



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