Genealogy Masthead

My wife is interested in genealogy. She has done quite an extensive family tree for both my side and her side of the family generations. At one point she was thinking of starting a website where she would help people with their research into their family trees. Here is a photo illustration I did for the masthead. I collected the antique photos of her family and my family and made this photo montage in PhotoShop.


Ancient Technology and The Bible

John Mittendorf wrote this well-researched book, which he used as a basis for a powerpoint presentation he narrated at a local church in Central Point, Oregon. He asked me to design the cover.


Pure Chi Energy Drink Label Design

In this label I brought together many layers and disparate elements to evoke an exotic Mayan feel. The stone border and radiating lines were created in Illustrator and finished in PhotoShop.

PureChiEnergyDrinkLabelScared At The Library

Here’s an establishing exterior shot for an animated short about a scary library. I combined several photos and then extensively retouched them all to create a forboding effect.

Exterior Opening Mockup


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