Faraway View

Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite

Size: 28 x 22″

Although I’m constantly coming up with new ideas for landscape paintings, sometimes, for inspiration, I like to look back through old sketches I have done. For this painting I rediscovered an old color sketch I had done back in 1976.

I was fascinated with the concept of flying above a Tuscany landscape, complete with villa and vineyard. By slightly distorting the horizon to make it more curved than it would normally be at this height above the ground, I managed to evoke the breathtaking feeling of extreme height for the viewer, and yet the viewer is still able to see enough detail on the ground that would be noticeable at a lower altitude.

And while you are up there floating through the sky, you can interact with all the dramatic textures in the sky and on the earth below.

Copyright 2009 by Paul Bunch, All Rights Reserved.




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