Great Blue

Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite by Paul Bunch

Size: 20 x 24″

In 1974 I took a community college course in silk screening and produced a simple vignette of a Victorian house on some cliffs, similar to the composition of this painting. The difference was that all the colors in the silk screen print were flat, the sun was eliptical and there was no Great Blue heron. I was looking at that old print recently and thought it would make a nice textured painting. But it needed something extra.

After brainstorming and making several sketches I decided to add a Great Blue heron. I made the eliptical sun into a circle and changed the Victorian house into a building with Roman architecture.

I really like the vein-like textures
surrounding the edges of the vignetted shapes.

Copyright 2008 by Paul Bunch, All Rights Reserved.

$600 Sold



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