Nunan Noir

Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Size: 12 x 30″

This painting has an interesting story. I’ve always liked Victorian and other old-style homes. This painting started out as a typical painting of a vintage home–the Nunan House in Jacksonville, Oregon. The sun was shining and you could see the entire house. But something just didn’t click. I thought that anyone could do a typical painting of an old house, and yet I didn’t know exactly how to make it different. The unfinished painting sat in my studio for about 10 years, while I painted other pictures, until a creative spark finally went on in my mind.

I repurposed the painting to that of a dark and stormy night, cropped in on it and put an old gnarly tree in the foreground. It’s not a haunted house, so I turned on some lights in two of the windows.

At first I thought the painting was too dark and foreboding, but since I’ve shown it in some art shows, I’ve gotten quite a few good reactions from people who are attracted to the picture.

Copyright 2008 by Paul Bunch, All Rights Reserved.



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