Villa Distorte

Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite by Paul Bunch

Size: 16 x 18″

Every once in a while an artist has to experiment and try different techniques in his or her quest to find a new and beautiful aspect to painting. In Villa Distorte I wanted to focus on distortion to lend more of a feel of impressionism to the scene.

In this painting I am revisiting the concept of the bicameral view I had done in “The Perfect Day” (also seen in this gallery). A bicameral view shows the trees and the villa in the top “panel” and the fish underwater in the lower “panel.”

It’s also a reversal of the typical view into water where everything under the surface is distorted because of the light refraction of moving water. Only here, the distortion affects everything above the surface of the water, while everything below the surface is normal looking. Sort of like looking at the world through the eyes of the fish.


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