Practical Graphic Design

Practical Gr Des Bk Cover 2nd Edition Final

Practical Graphic Design™ is a self-paced, self-teaching course that introduces the fundamentals of graphic design in a clear, concise and fun way.  This book shows the student visual examples and includes tests and design projects.  The book is full of information that is fundamental in the world of graphic design.   Practical Graphic Design can be a key component in helping to decide on a career path.

All the lessons in this book may be accomplished both by hand and on the computer using graphic design software. Topics include design rules, page layout, dominance, repetition, rhythm, unity, contrast, gradation, and balance, to name a few.

This book uses humor — such as the Graphic Design Police — to make this topic even more fun!

Presently, I am updating the information in the book and will be going to press with the second edition within the next few months. I will keep you posted here as to when it is available. Below are some sample pages from the book:

(Click on an image to make it larger.)

Loch Ness Monster Spread 01Loch Ness Monster Spread 02Graphic Design Police

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